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Learning to Live Again


Margie Merryhill, a thirty year old single mother, is living a lie told five years ago when her car breaks down leaving her and her son stranded in the tiny town of Green Mountain, Vermont.

She is on her way to her in-laws in Albany, whom she’s never met, is her story. Her husband has recently been killed in Desert Storm, she tells the townsfolk, and she is hoping his parents will help her out until she gets on her feet. Allison Gear and Ed Browne, who witness the demise of Margie’s vehicle, take pity on the young woman with the bubbly nine-year old boy, and the hard-to-believe story. These two put their heads together and before the day is done Margie has a temporary job, a room, and a community. Just until she gets on her feet, you understand.

Peter Merryhill is now fourteen years old and employed after school at Smith’s Pharmacy. Old man Smith hires Peter out of compassion for the struggling mom and son. He doesn’t expect Peter to be the big help he becomes. The boy is smart, honest, diligent and uncomplaining. Old man Smith doesn’t know that the Michelson brothers, newcomers to town, are trying to force Peter to steal drugs for them.

Sam Gear, a forty-five year old electronic Engineer is stopped short of his climb to management. He hopes to head up a new division of Digitronics. The breakup of his 15 year marriage and the following triple bypass heart surgery puts those plans on hold.

The story opens as Sam returns to his hometown, Green Mountain in Vermont.

Learning To Live Again is a story of truth and trust, of three people who yearn for a family and finally become one, but not before they struggle through the mistakes and the lies in their lives. This story explores family relationships, the human struggle for success as defined individually, and finally how three people change their definition of success.


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Missing, has anyone seen this child?

Missing_Kindle-PJ copy This is a story about choices. Choices individuals are compelled to make as they grow through life. A runaway teen, released from juvenile detention, hopes to regain his father’s love. A mother receives a phone call asking her if she would be willing to take custody of her son who is 17. He is in juvenile detention and about to be paroled but only if she is willing. Her boy was abducted when he was two and despite searching by authorities he was never found. Lana has remarried and has two stepdaughters. She brings her son home. Problems occur when a step-daughter finds a scrap of paper with the phone number of her new brother’s father, the so-called abductor. Things become more complicated as Lana learns that her manic father set up a series of events that caused the grounds for the divorce and the loss of her son. A liaison between Lana and her son’s father effects feelings of guilt and confusion. Should she follow her heart or stay with her current husband and honor her responsibility to the girls she’s mothered since their infancy? Bookmark and Share

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The Thin Man Band Series

Two Books: Denver & On Tour

Main Characters: Alan Moss, band leader; Patricia Carter, pianist; band members: Francis Mahoney, Moose Malone, Jerry Carter, Jerome Lilly; Publicity Manager: Sydney Wolfe


This was the Haight-Ashbury era, Woodstock, when hippies morphed into flower children. Enter the 70’s—rock ’n roll—the period of transcendental meditation when young and even middle aged adults were trying to “find themselves.” The Thin Man Band with its cast of characters—real, memorable and thought provoking. It is a fun read, a nostalgic journey and an eye opener for young historians. A love story, mystery, suspense—it’s all here and it has a sequel. Twenty-two year old Patricia Carter, is a gifted pianist, religious, and of a strict moral code. She is introduced to the band when her brother becomes a member.
The lifestyle and the people are exciting, intoxicating, and foreign.  She is drawn into the music and performing as she becomes more involved with the Band leader.
Her primal relationship with him is magnetic and destructive. Can she hold on to her self-worth and beliefs or will she be devoured.
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On TourThinman4_kindle_edited-4

The Thin Man Band–On Tour continues with a cast of characters you won’t soon forget.  Remember the 70’s, communal living and flower children. Rock ‘n Roll in outdoor concerts across the states as well as gigs in casinos and clubs was the fever of the times. The sequel of The Thin Man Band – Denver picks up while on tour in Nevada and California. Patricia Carter travels with the band on a roller coaster of gigs and dangerous liaisons. The swell of fans at each concert and the notoriety of being the girlfriend of the band leader of one of our Nation’s top bands, is more than exciting for this twenty-two year old. It’s consuming. Reality resumes with their return to Denver and Alan learns of Patricia’s secret and is furious with her. Patricia, feeling degraded and demoralized to the point of despair must find her way back to her former self.

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For Crying Out Loud


CryinOutLoudKindlecover6_edited-7 copy

It’s 1929 in Brooklyn, New York. Wall Street is to see the beginning of what became “The Great Depression.”

The good times of the Twenties were suddenly over. Katrina Wuest, sixteen, a daughter of German immigrants, loses her job, and is thrown out of the house by her abusive father. Out on the street with only the clothes she has on her back and two nickels in her pocket, she roams the pavement cold, defenseless and scared. With no other choice she uses one of her coins and calls Rosie, a girl she’s met at work. Rosie’s single and living on her own. She boards and feeds Katrina until she finds work.
In a blind date set up by Rosie, Katrina meets and falls in love with John Donovan, a trumpet player. She lands a job at a garment factory. During a party Johnny hears Katrina sing. “Your voice is Kate Smith wonderful,” he tells her. He has connections that give Katrina a chance to try out for the Amateur Hour on KOIL radio. She wins and becomes a regular, singing the blues songs of the era.
Black Tuesday rains down on the star crossed lovers. They both lose their jobs. Katrina, on her own and malnourished, makes several unfortunate choices she will live to regret. The times and conditions are deplorable. She is swept away and finds herself living with a philandering husband in Iowa. After divorce, she returns to New York with her four year old daughter in hopes that John Donovan will keep his promise.
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My Son John

MySonJohn Kindlecover_edited-4 The Haney’s are simple country folk–farmers, lumberjacks, veterans of Korea and Vietnam. But “simple” is a term used for lifestyle, not human complexity. The setting is the early 70’s in Vermont. These folks are people you will learn to love, dislike, and remember. Nancy Bowles has lost her beloved brother in the Vietnam war and is inconsolable. Nineteen and living with her bereaved parents, she feels she needs a change of circumstance or go mad. The recent breakup with a boyfriend adds to her depression. When an airman, who she and a girlfriend befriended, asks her to marry him, she thinks it is a message from God. John Haney is thirty-three and has a son fifteen. He is honest with Nancy in telling her he needs to marry to get custody of his son from his parents. The ensuing drama is both disastrous and heart rending. Bookmark and Share

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