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My oldest daughter Dianne helping.The Journey of my next book usually starts from some life stimulus. My creativity has taken many roads throughout my life. From writing books and songs, to poems, essays and short stories. I tend now to concentrate on fictional novels. Most often there are young adults involved. The process of coming of age is fascinating.

The stimulus to create comes from different avenues. My First book was inspired by a Christmas special I watched on Television in the early ’70’s Almost one thousand pages later, I was finally finished with The Thin Man Band. I am committed to tell an honest story that is both entertaining and true to my experience of life and the characters that have peopled it. If that comes out a little ribald at times and even old Hollywood at others… That’s just how it is!

The stories just keep coming to me. They rattle around in my head, sometimes for years, before their birth. Because they are living, breathing people to me, they need to be born to the printed page where they can show their frailties, fears, and exhibit all the scars life has brought to them.

There are so many things I want to say and each Novel takes so much time. Since I have retired I do have a little more time, that is a fact. I fear I will never get to put it all on paper. There is my parent’s memoir (For Crying Out Loud). It tells the story of two young adults, in New York City, trying to make it, one day to the next, during the terrible days of the Great depression. It is a labor of love and I have been working on it for ten years.

My newest Novels is a Young love story  The Photograph, being released in a few days, both on Kindle ebook and paperback.

I am now working on my first Mystery (The Brother Keeper) a twisted story of death and greed, based on a true story, I was made privy to a few years back . It is the story of religious man tormented by good and evil in his struggle for salvation.

Last and not near to least, is my own memoir. Working on this, I have realized a true fear in reliving my own tough times that life has taken me and my family through. I now understand the courage it takes for one to write one’s own memoir. There, I am in a different position, the pain and the heart break that the story tells is my own heart break.

This will be my greatest challenge.

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Explore the samples from  books already written and some that are on the way! 

From romance to mystery and deception, I’ll make an effort to entertain you with tidbits of stories finished and those to come. This site will not be strictly for your entertainment. I’ll also share the resource guides I have used and which of those I value most. Just ask!

I’ve always known I wanted to be a writer. I started reading the English classics at the age of nine only because that was all I could find during my Summer stay at my aunt’s house in Grand Junction, Colorado. From that eloquent beginning I went on to read all of Faulkner and Fitzgerald. My tastes in books are as eclectic as my stories.

And it’s not just about plot.

You will also find some wonderful recipes being whipped up by a protagonist here and there. My dill and cheddar cheese omelet is to die for. I once made public my salsa recipe in a local newspaper. Someone tried it and started a business that sold for a bundle. Hmm, I think that was a mistake! I didn’t want to be in the food business anyway!

I now reside in Northeast Georgia with my husband and four small dogs. Button is our Yorkie and getting old. Fawn is our Rat Terrier adopted from a rescue service. Mollie and Sammy, Jr. are sibling malty-poos. These three are young adults who are just learning the ropes by trial and error.


I write every morning on the days I don’t attend the Clarkesville Writers Society meetings where we hone our skills.

I also enjoy spending time with two Quilters’ groups.


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