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I loved to travel with our four dogs. Our motor coach made it possible.
This was a wonderful way to travel and see the country while keeping our family close and comfortable.
We also, belonged to a RV club which kept us traveling, when possible, and took us places we might not have considered. Traveling was also a wonderful way to meet people from all walks of life.
This picture was taken high in the Colorado Rockies 2006.

Born in Omaha, Nebraska. Much of my early life was spent moving from place to place. My parents kept looking for that elusive place to settle down. Their final move that I participated in was to Denver, Colorado. There I eventually met and married my husband, Phil. Our first years were spent earning enough to further our educations. With the Vietnam war raging, Phil joined the Army and spent time in military schools and when completed, we moved to Ankara, Turkey. It was there that we learned how several service families had adopted a child from an orphanage in Beirut, Lebanon. In a whirlwind of activity, we put together the required papers and flew to Lebanon. In two of the most nerve racking days of our lives we left on a flight back to Turkey with our new two week old daughter. Our family continued to grow as we adopted our first son in Denver. Life again found us living in England where another daughter and son were added to the family. Finally, when settled back in the States, I had our first and only daughter the old fashioned way.

Phil’s career and other circumstances took us to Chester, Vermont, a very small town nestled in the Green mountains. It was there that our children grew up. I finally had a little more time to write. Believe me, with five kids around the house, I learned how to concentrate and focus.

As a career requirement, the last move before retirement, took us to South Carolina just outside of Charlotte, NC. I personally, was glad to get to the warm southern climate. I really wasn’t one to play in the snow!

Now I am so busy writing and quilting, my two passions, that it keeps me close to home. There just aren’t enough hours in each day! I certainly can’t do anything about that. So I do my best with the time I have.

We now have three small dogs that are under foot at all times. Our Yorkie passed this summer. Two Malty-Poo’s, and a Rat Terrier which are all about five years old. Since our five children are now very much adults with families of their own (ten Grandchildren) these little dogs are our family. They are much adored and spoiled and return our love abundantly and keep us laughing.

I write contemporary adult literary fiction and the stories come from my contacts and experiences that have prompted these fictional people and there fictional lives. These stories should ring true if I have done my job, because they are very real to me. I normally live with them for some time before they appear on the printed page. They often surprise me as the story develops and they take on their own personalities.

Many of my stories are in various forms from completed type written documents still on paper, but most have been converted to the electronic form on a disk somewhere. The rest are still taking form in my head. Sometimes they percolate there for years as the story and characters take form.

We moved to Georgia several years ago. I was very pleased to find the Clarkesville Writers Society. I have belonged to other Writing groups in the past, but this one is a gem. I have never been a part of such a talented, friendly, giving and fun-loving group of sincere and dedicated writers. We help and encourage one another while we critique each others work. It keeps us all stimulated and excited about our craft.

I would personally love to hear from those of you who enjoy my books. Please feel free to contact me.

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After the loss of my daughter, my writing has suffered.
I am now putting the final touches on my new novel “The Photograph” a story of young people from diverse backgrounds, who meet by chance and struggle to find answers, companionship, and love.